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Dear Any Town in America

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“Doesn’t it feel great to be right?” My friend Miriam Herschlag said to me, and I felt ashamed. I was going on about some systemic injustice or institutional racism, or just everyday disparagement of my advocacy efforts and she stopped … Read More

Od Lo Avdah TikVateinu

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We used to sing this lines from the Israeli national anthem to tease our friend Tiki — which is short for Tikva which means hope in Hebrew. We have yet to give up hope… is the translation. Those words in the anthem … Read More

Handful of Fog

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The kibbutz library was in a bomb shelter, but I wasn’t afraid of bombs. I was afraid of the harshness of the desert, a shore with no sea. I was afraid of the harshness of the people drenched in angry … Read More

Warp and Woof

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My father Bert (that’s Dr. Bert to you!) Is the Belmont Manor Buddha. Belmont Manor’s lobby reminds you of a country inn, but it is in fact a nursing home. This week we were discussing the upcoming election when he pointed out … Read More

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