A Moment of Crisis is a Moment of Opportunity

A Moment of Crisis is a Moment of Opportunity

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Yup, there’s been a lot of broohaha about Boston Children’s Hospital paving over a garden in order to expand the hospital. In the mix, Joan Vennochi of The Boston Globe points out that Partners Healthcare’s Neighborhood Health Plan will no longer cover clients for services at Children’s (April 12, 2016). “Poor children can’t get care at one of the world’s most distinguished hospitals.”

Lord knows I’ve been with poor client’s at Children’s who despite the plethora of Harvard Medical School trained clinicians had to wait for 3 hours for a BEST Team evaluator who probably works 3 jobs, working a weary night shift, and refused to approve her for hospital level of care even though I explained the dangers based on my four years clinical  experience with the young woman. Her life continued to deteriorate unnecessarily — she was open to the help. A moment of crisis is only a moment of opportunity if you take advantage of the opportunity. If you’re poor and black in Boston — good luck.

Just in case Children’s does get ride of the garden I brought home a view from my studio at Marble House Project from my May residency.

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